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Hello Redditors! This article mentions the essential Frequently Asked Questions in using the RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader tool.

Downloaded Reddit videos do not have any sound?

The Reddit video that you tried to download using our might be Gif or videos with No Sound format. It is not an issue, kindly check the source Reddit video for the possibilities.

Why can’t I be able to download some Reddit Videos?

It is because Some Reddit posts will embed 3rd party websites such as Youtube or any external videos and we strictly do not support those Reddit Posts.

Can I able to use this website on my Android mobile?

Our website is 100% compatible with Android devices and optimized with responsive looks for mobile users.

Where are my Videos downloaded on my Device?

By default, the files are stored under the Downloads Folder in both Windows and Mac devices.

Videos are playing instead of saving?

It is because that your browser may be outdated. To fix this, kindly update the browser to the latest version or In Desktop, Right Click on the link and tap Save link as an option, and if you are on the mobile, Long press the button and save the video.

The Thumbnail shows an error and so the video is not ready?

The answer is No. Even if the thumbnail shows an error, you can easily download the videos in the desired format.

Does Store any of the Downloaded Videos?

The answer is No, We do not store any of the videos on our server and you can check the disclaimer page for detailed information.

Does 720 P is the highest resolution of the video?

It is completely based on the video uploaded on Reddit. We just simply enable the Video formats to come from Reddit. The greatest resolution we saw is 2K format.